How Scarlett saved my blog

ScarlettMost guys won’t admit it but they actually went to see the latest Captain America movie because of the dazzling “Black widow’ character played by Scarlett Johanssen.  Like most guys, I like how Scarlet’s Black-widow “rolls”… She is a highly skilled tactician as well as a techie but still has that sweet sparkle in her eye & a smarty-pants wit usually attributed to the girl-next-door. Scarlett’s character can totally take out a splinter cell on her own and can also effectively manage a team of brash military guys, however she is also totally comfortable playing “number two” along side a male team mate. Mastery of this rare role balancing act is what make a girl successful in the male dominated space of tech (and I’m guessing that is how people like Marissa Myers got to the top of the game).
Well, before I get side tracked and start giving half-baked kitchen-table advise to the ladies looking to make a career in tech, I just wanted to thank someone who I consider a rising “Scarlett” in our own Lagos tech community. My blog had been long in limbo for over a year, but one day, I ran into “Scarlett” in the “Yaba-con” hood and she asked me about gist from my recent Silicon valley travels and thereafter said something like “you should totally blog about all this, so that people from everywhere can read all about it”…and that was all the encouragement I needed to stage this blog resurrection.

So, again, THANK YOU Scarlett…. You know who you are :)


Image credits:  The Movie Blog & Marvel/Disney

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